Privacy Policy of the 96in

The privacy policy offered by 96in presents a thorough outline of the methods through which customer personal information is collected, employed, stored, and protected. This encompasses a range of details such as names, addresses, contact specifics, and financial particulars. By enacting this policy, the company guarantees the careful security and secrecy of customers’ personal data, thus lessening the risk of unauthorized entry or improper management. It is essential to acquaint oneself with this policy to acquire a more comprehensible grasp of the procedure for engaging in bets within the sports betting and casino gaming sections.

96In Privacy Policy

Keynotes From The 96in Privacy Policy

The primary goal of the privacy and security protocols on the 96in website is to ensure the robust safeguarding of players’ personal data. The most recent revision to the privacy policy occurred in the beginning of 2023. It is advisable to review all modifications on the designated webpage of the platform and establish a formal agreement with them prior to creating a new account or utilizing an existing one. Notable points to consider include:

  • Utilization of Personal Information. Once the player completes the 96in login, the website starts to collect personal data with the purpose being the verification of the bettor’s identity, transaction facilitation, providing players with gambling services and meeting legal obligations;
  • Importance for the registration process. While signing up, the personal information is utilized to finalize the registration process and ensure that the player can carry out all financial activities on the platform;
  • Enhanced Security. Robust security measures safeguard the details of each player. The personal information disclosed by gamblers during website payments or registration is extremely challenging for external parties to access;

Player’s data security is a top priority for the website. Administration of the 96in doing everything possible to make sure gambler’s financials are going to be well protected.

Information Collected by 96in

While providing its high quality service, 96in betting app collects different types of information pieces from the player. Gamblers should be acknowledged what they are providing:

  • Personal Information Required. The website necessitates authentic full name, birthdate, birthplace, contact email, and phone number of the player for the further verification;
  • Verification of Identity Documents. To validate the provided registration details, customers are required to submit official identification documents like a global passport, identity card, or driver’s license to the customer support team. This is part of the verification procedure;
  • Financial Validation. The website needs to check if the player has provided a correct and fully legal way to use a bank account, debit or credit card;
  • The activity of the account is registered. Upon completing the registration process, all participants are included in the roster of active site users. Their account particulars, such as username and email, are made accessible to the support team for ease of assistance;
  • History of Financial Transactions. Every monetary transaction carried out by a player on the platform is meticulously documented and incorporated into a central database. This facilitates easy identification of the source of any unexpected issues;
  • Communication and Support Records. The betting platform maintains records of interactions with the customer support team, encompassing emails, live chat transcripts, and phone discussions.

Worth noting that 96in collects some pieces of data automatically while the gambler normally uses the website, including current IP address, name of the browser, browser version, device name and geo location. This information is needed for the brand to improve the overall quality of the site.

How The Information is Collected on 96in?

Players should be acknowledged over how the information is collected and stored by the 96in, because the process is not as complicated as it may seem at first. Initially, the player accesses the official website where cookies are sent to the brand’s team. Upon registration, the player willingly submits necessary information. This enables participation in activities like depositing, betting, gaming, and activating bonuses. Importantly, the data remains secure and is not shared externally. Advanced databases with encryption prevent information leaks. When a player discontinues platform use, their personal data is erased.